Social Events

Social drinks

This is a social event for members of the Society and anyone else who is interested in coming along.

  • Date: Every Monday during session
  • Time: 5:00pm to close
  • Location: UNSW Roundhouse – just look for the big “Socratic Society” sign

Proposed events

There have been many proposed social events: Bowling nights, trivia nights, barbecue’s, soccer, parties, etc. If you would like to organise one of these events, or if you have another idea, please email the Society.

Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below.


6 responses to “Social Events

  1. Well, we had our first social event last night and it turned out really well. A good crowd of people came along to meet each other and talk crazy for a few hours. Personally, I had a lot of fun and was happy to see so many people turning out to support this new programme. This communist drinking ideals were a little strange…but that just added to the night.

  2. Yea, the monday night drinks are always good fun. It’s nice to see relationships builidng (surely if you can swap and share beers, you can share philosophical ideas?!). It’ll be good for classroom discussions – no one will be afraid to share ideas with a buddy. So come down! Signe will drill you in drinking games :p

  3. no one will be afraid to share ideas with a buddy

    Especially as they will be sharing a strain of hepatitis due sharing drinks the night before.

    Drinks are fun on their own. With people they are even better. And with bowling (which will be happening in a few weeks), oh man, not even Leibniz would be able to imagine such a world.

  4. Pubcrawl!
    Wednesday 25th of June, 6pm, at the Glenmore Hotel, in the Rocks!
    Come have a drink, and discuss all this blogging activity in real life!

  5. Pubcrawl was grand! If you weren’t there, you should probably just give up on life… NOW

  6. Hey guys, don’t forget about the trivia night on Monday!

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