Nietzsche Blogging Competition

The Socratic Society blog is thirsty for philosophy. Throughout August, we are running a competition. We need philosophical short opinion-pieces and mini-essays of 300-500 words for the blog. We are not looking for ground-breaking works of genius – just anything you find interesting and want to argue for or against.

All submissions will be posted on the blog. At the end of August (in week 6), the best mini-essay will be awarded a prize of $50. This competition is open only to UNSW undergraduates and honours students.


To submit your mini-essay, e-mail it to with the subject heading “Nietzsche Blog Competition.”


2 responses to “Nietzsche Blogging Competition

  1. We’re proud to announce that the inaugural Nietzsche Blogging Award has been bestowed upon Miss Rosie Mulray for her entry ‘“Reverse” Discrimination: Morally Justifiable?’

    The Socratic Society would like to thank all the competitors for their posts- and everyone else for their interesting comments. We hope to receive even more entries when the second Nietzsche Blogging Competition opens in July.

    In the meantime, to post to this blog, please e-mail your piece to

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