SocSoc Softball – Monday 29th at 2pm

That’s right guys, it’s going to happen! The Socratic Society, along with the help of the world’s most awesome Ethics lecturer (the one and only) Stephen Cohen, is going to have some good, wholesome fun in the sun playing Softball on a Monday afternoon… then it’s off with us to some kind of Public House (most likely the Royal or the Doncaster) to sit back, relax with awesome people, reflect on an awesome day and consume a(n awesome) beverage or two. Because, let’s face it, is it really a SocSoc event without beverage consumption?

On that note, we will be providing limited amounts of beer and bananas on the day, in which case I’ll be needing your RSVP’s if you know that you’re definitely going come. This is so we can properly estimate how much to buy.

Equipment will also be provided (thankyou, Professor Cohen!) but if you have a favourite mitt or bat that you want to bring, then by all means bring it along!


When: Monday 29th of September, starting at 2pm

Where: Centennial Park, meet at Randwick Gates, then onwards to the Royal in Randwick.

What to bring: You are free to BYO, but some beer, bananas, softball equipment and sunscreen will be provided.


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