Socratic Society Song

By Chris Maden and the Monty Python boys

(to be recited to the tune of the Monty Python Philosopher’s Song…)


Damian Grace, when quite shit-faced,

Likes dancing on the table 

Michaelis was on the piss

At which he’s very able 

Karyn Lai would not deny

That she does like a glass 

And Philip Staines gets quite insane

When plastered off his arse 

There’s nothing Cohen couldn’t show ‘em

‘Bout the raising of the fist

Karen Bland herself is perpetually pissed. 

Brent Madison, knowing what he’d done

Had half a pint of shandy and was particularly done 

Andy, they say, could tuck it away,

Half a crate of whisky every day. 

Winnie Sung, Winnie Sung didn’t half get it on,

Tim Dean did like a swig,

And Chris Maden, had a drunken old yen

To get in trouble big. 

Yes the Socratic Society is very nearly missed.

We’re lovely little thinkers,

But we’re buggers when we’re pissed.


One response to “Socratic Society Song

  1. This posting cannot do the actual song justice. If you see Chris, harass him until you get him to sing it for you… I do.

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