The State So Far…

Bowling Crew

As Session One draws to a close and everyone breathes a sigh of relief, the Socratic Society leans back, exhales, stretches out the kinks in its neck, puts its feet up and looks around at the ground it’s covered.

In a few short weeks, our dear society has gone from being a name and an occasional publication to being a fully-fledged group, a Roundhouse staple to such an extent that the bar staff know us by name, so real that we’ve even had a stall outside the library. We have a website, an active, much-visited blog, an ever-expanding mailing list, a discussion group that is known across Sydney, and we’ve even been responsible for getting Professor Stephen Cohen to dress up like a camp gangster.

Have you seen this man?

MC Cohen in Da House


We’ve done a lot and I think everyone involved should feel very happy and proud of the success we’ve achieved. Above all things, it’s been a lot of fun and I for one am looking forward to Session Two and all the crazy activities we’ll doubtlessly get up to.

I think this society is very important and I’m really pleased by the campus-wide response it’s received. University can be an isolated and intimidating place. Being able to mingle with and chat to people who you see in lectures but wouldn’t otherwise speak to, to other people who’ve been there before and know what’s coming for you, and to your lecturers and tutors in an informal context is such a positive experience. University life is so much richer, so much more rewarding when it has a cohesive social aspect to it. We need to take what we’ve done already and build on it, reach more people, have even more fun.

Philosophy itself is such a social subject.  It naturally lends itself to discussion, conversation and argument.  And it’s accessible to everyone – everyone has some philosophical interest, no matter how varied or esoteric.  For these reasons, maintaining and expanding this newly-constructed social side to philosophy is very important.  To those of you who haven’t been to any of our events yet, please come next session.  We’d love to see you.  To those who have been attending, I can’t wait to see you all back again.

Andy Crosbie.


2 responses to “The State So Far…

  1. Aww, so heart warming!
    Can’t wait to see what happens next session.
    I smell potential for muchos fun and intense discussion… the two aren’t completely unlinked!

    I think there is also a possibility of a winter break get-together for those of us who can’t stand a month of isolation from our beloved Socsoc… I look forward to it =)

    A toast to Session 1 2008, may it be the first of many sessions for the most awesome philosophy club ever 😉

  2. I couldn’t agree more! The SocSoc has been a blast so far, and will continue to be amazing, especially if people keep getting this involved!

    As for Rosie’s comment on not being able to stand a month without our beloved SocSoc… There are 2 events in the planning over the break. 1st is a pubcrawl to be held on the 25th of June. We will be sending out an email to all members with the time and meeting place next week… Please come along, and feel free to bring a friend, the more the merrier.

    The 2nd event will be the eagerly anticipated SocSocSoccer! Date is yet to be finalized, but we are thinking around the 12th of July. Again we will be sending out an email, so look out for it.

    And although this is completely unofficial, and you are supposed to have an invitation, Eddie is having a birthday bash this Saturday. So if you really miss us, gatecrash his party! It is at the Glenmore hotel in The Rocks, starting 6pm.

    There is no excuse for not partying with the SocSoc!

    You stay classy,
    I’m Ron Burgondy.

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